Project Publications

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During the successful three years (2011-2013) of the project "Physical Violence and State Legitimacy in Late Socialism - An International Reseach Network" several publications appeared in well-known journals, issues and edited volumes.

Project Publications:

- Antropology of East Europe Review released an article on "Rethinking care and violence. Dynamics in children´s homes in state socialis Hungary" (Vol. 33, No.1, 2015), written by Jennifer Rasell.

- Nationalities Papers has published the Special Issue "War, violence, and the military during late socialism and transition" (Volume 43, Issue 5, 2015) edited my Jan C. Behrends. It contains several contributions by the project's fellows and PhD candidates and is available online:

- The journal European History Quarterly has published a Special Issue on "Violence in Late Socialist Public Spaces" (Volume 45, Issue 2, April 2015), which contains contributions by several of the project's fellows and was edited by Sabine Rutar. It is accessible online

- Jan C. Behrends has published an article on violence and the state in the 20th century in Neue Politische Literatur, 58/1 (2013). See his contribution "Jan C. Behrends, Gewalt und Staatlichkeit im 20. Jahrhundert. Einige Tendenzen zeithistorischer Forschung, Neue politische Literatur 58/1 (2013): 39-59.” here.

- Two essays from Robert Lučić have been released on His first essay, the photo essay „Schönheit der Form im Sozialismus - Bilder einer Ausstellung jugoslawischen Produktdesigns, Belgrad 2013“, was inspired by an exhibition in Belgrade this year. See his contribution here. His second essay „Nach den Kriegen. Jugoslawien zwischen juristischer Aufarbeitung und forcierter Erinnerungspolitik“ with Annette Schuhmann is based on three interviews which deal with the processing of the war in former Yugoslavia. See his contribution here.

- Jan C. Behrends has published an article on Afghanistan as a `Gewaltraum´ in the web portal “Zeitgeschichte online”. See his contribution "Jan C. Behrends, Ein sowjetisches Vietnam: Afghanistan als Gewaltraum (1979-1989), in: Zeitgeschichte-online, Februar 2013" at URL:

- Jan C. Behrends has published an article on modern dictatorship in the online encyclopedia “Docupedia-Zeitgeschichte”. See his contribution „Jan C. Behrends, Diktatur: Moderne Gewaltherrschaft zwischen Leviathan und Behemoth, Version: 1.0, in: Docupedia-Zeitgeschichte, 6. 6.2012“ at

- Jens Gieseke, Michal Pullmann and Jan Behrends have published essays on the role of violence in 1989 in the German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia and the USSR. See their contributions in Martin Sabrow (ed.): 1989 und die Rolle der Gewalt, Göttingen: Wallstein, 2012. <further information>