Aigi Rahi-Tamm's picture
PhD Aigi Rahi-Tamm
University of Tartu, Institute of History and Archeology
Ylikooli 18
50090 Tartu, Estonia

Education / Work Experience

Since 2005 Senior Research Fellow, Department of History and Archeology, University of Tartu
2004 PhD (History), University of Tartu, Department of History, “Mass Repressions in Estonia after World War II: Sources and Current State of Research”
1997-2004 Coordinator of the personal register for the National Committee of Investigation Repressive Policies
1996 M.A (History), University of Tartu
1993-2004 Researcher and lecturer at the Chair of Archival Studies, University of Tartu
1991-2000 Assistant editor of the journal Kleio (now Ajalooline Ajakiri, The Estonian Historical Journal)
1991-1993 Head of Laboratory of History and Demography, University of Tartu
1990-1991 Researcher, Laboratory of History and Demography, University of Tartu

Research interest

History of the police and violence in the 20th century
Social, cultural and everyday life history in Europe (19th - 20th century)
Methodology of biographical sources, oral history, archival studies

Teaching Experience / Fellowships / Memberships

Arheography (Historical Editing) (BA level)
Introduction into Archival Science (BA level)
History of Administration and Institutions (BA, MA level)
Political Violence in Estonia in the Years 1905-1960 (BA, MA level)
Sources and Their Interpretation (19th-20th century) (MA, PhD level)
Research grants:
2010-2013 Participant in project “Practices of memory: continuities and discontinuities of remembering the 20th century” (Estonian Science Foundation)
2009-2014 Participant in targeted financing project “Estonia in the Era of the Cold War”
2008 Leader of project “Estonian Historical Sources in Russian Archives: Finding out and Copying” (National research and development programme)
2007 Leader of project “The History of Repressed Estonians in Foreign Archives” (National research and development programme)
2004-2007 Participant in project “Soviet Estonia 1944-1953. Mechanisms and consequences of Sovietisation in Estonia in the context of development of Soviet Union and East-Europe” (Estonian Science Foundation)
2003-2007 Participant in targeted financing project “Estonian-Russian cultural, economic, political and national relationships in the 18th–20th cc. Long-term developmental parallels of bilateral influences”
1999-2000 Research Support Scheme project “The March deportation in Estonia. The Siberian years of the deported” (Open Society Support Foundation)
1997-1999 Leader of project "History in letters“ (Estonian Science Foundation)
1996-1997 Leader of project “Soviet mass repressions in Estonia: maintaining ON-line and OFF-line databases“ (Estonian Science Foundation)
1995 Leader of project “The 1949 deportation in Estonia. The city of Tartu and the county of Tartu“ (Estonian Science Foundation)
1994 Leader of project “Estonian population losses in the prisons and hard labour camps of the Soviet Union“ (Estonian Science Foundation)
Member of the National Committee of Investigating Repressive Policies, 1997-2004.
Member of the council of the association Estonian Biographies.
Member of the competition board of the historical memorial for the President of the Republic of Estonia, 2001.
Member of the Academic Society of History, the Learned Estonian Society, the Society of Estonian Archivists, The Society for Multi-Etnic Studies: Europe and the Americas.