Research Project

Violence and Civility: Russia from Brezhnev to Putin

Violence after Stalinism is the theme of this research project. Using the opposition of violence and civility it seeks to develop a better understanding of the transformation of Russian Society from the late Brezhnew era into the present. The first studies that have been conducted have dealt with the role of the Soviet Army in late socialism, with Afghanistan as a violent space or with Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika as an attempt to “civilize from above”. The project will look at the violence perpetrated by institutions of the party-state as well as the notions of civility that were introduced by dissidence and the democratic movement in Russia. Overall it aims to make the tension between violence and civility which is characteristic for Russian society productive for a fresh view of Russia’s recent past.

Research Proposal: PDF icon Research_Behrends_.pdf